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increase their awareness and ability to dialogue with the environment as responsible citizens.

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Course curriculum

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Development of materials for the workshops and for skills assessment

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January 2022
Kick off meeting

The Environmental Education Program's kick-off meeting was held virtually on the 13th of January 2022. During this TPM, all the partners of the project took part in order to discuss the main objectives of the project, as well as the next steps for implementation. The key contribution of each and every partner to the project management, output production, dissemination and quality management was clearly stated.

January 2022
Course curriculum

The objective is to develop a complete, clear and easy-to-use programme covering the most significant topics linked to the environment and sustainable growth, in order to allow the students to understand the current and future threats, challenges and opportunities offered by these issues.
The course structure will be modular, allowing the schools to include it easily and flexibly in their own curricula, ensuring the interdisciplinary approach demanded by the topics covered.
Each module will be presented in an innovative and stimulating manner, describing the topics covered, the problems and criticalities faced, the learning outcomes, the knowledge and skills to be obtained, and will be developed by producing teaching materials and materials for the workshops and learning assessments required for the teaching activities (PR2 and PR3).